Exporting to more than 20 countries
moving more than 6000 units a year
all our machines are tested on functionality
you are welcome to see our facilities
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Tech-Care Resale Copiers - About

Sobre Nosotros

Le garantizamos que todos los equipos están completos y en condiciones funcionales

Tech-Care Resale Copiers - Pickup Service

Servicio de Pickup

Tech-Care has it's own Pickup Service

Tech-Care Resale Copiers - Maintenance

El Mantenimiento

El mantenimiento es una parte muy importante de nuestro ciclo de trabajo

Tech-Care Resale Copiers - Storage Facilities

Nuestras Facilidades

Todas las maquinas estan a su disposicion para un control personal

Tech-Care Resale Copiers - Care for our enviroment

Re-use of the packing materials

Tech-Care Resale Copiers - Toners

Large stock of toners

Tech-Care Resale Copiers - Supplies

 Large stock of supplies

Tech-Care Resale Copiers - Spareparts

 Large stock of spareparts

About us

Techcare Resale Copiers

Techcare Resale Copiers. You are welcome to see our facilities or to test the copiers


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Tech-Care Resale Copiers VOF
Oost Zeedijk 9b,
4486 PN Colijnsplaat, Holland
+31 (0)113 253780
+31 (0)65 3259033
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© 2018 Techcare. All Rights Reserved. Tech-Care has put the goal to decrease worldwide our environmental impact.
This we achieve by giving the photocopiers/printers a second live, re-use the packing materials, making sure that we purchase less polluting materials.